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Horizon 2020

On this page you find guidelines and templates required for the successful realisation of your Horizon 2020 project.

The newly introduced "Declaration on a person working exclusively on a Horizon 2020 action" has to be employed if persons are working at a Horizon 2020 project solely.

In any other case, timesheets have to be completed. Please, note that there are two different versions of timesheets:

a) one version with the public holidays of Lower Saxony (Timesheet Horizon 2020 UGOE),

b) one version without public holidays. You may pass on this version to your project partners (Timesheet Horizon 2020 all).

During the project duration, questions concerning the calculation of various costs frequently arise. Our "Recommendation for cost calculations" lists some of the key facts about overheads, audits and more.

Please, contact us in any case due to the specific formalities of the respective funding schemes.