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Advisory and Information Services for Students

For any questions and problems you may have concerning your studies, please take advantage of the extensive counselling, advisory and information offers made available to you by the University of Göttingen and cooperating institutions. They are there to support you in every phase of your studies. You are uncertain whom to turn to? No problem, the staff of our InfoLine will refer you to the appropriate institution.

Academic Degree Network Academic and Examination Advising in the Faculties Alumni Göttingen (in German) Anti-Discrimination Counseling for students Building bridges - studying in the first generation Career Service Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) Central facility for Languages ​​and Key Competences (ZESS) Central Institution for Teacher Training (ZELB) (in German) Consulting Services in Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Applied Statistics Cooperation Office for Colleges and Labor Unions Göttingen (in German) Counseling and support for trans*students Elected Representatives of the Faculty Student Body (in German) Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit Family Service Social Counselling of the Student Union (AStA) (in German) Incoming Office InfoLine Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIK) Key Competencies and Certificate Programmes Lectorate German as a foreign language Office of Student Affairs (Registrar´s Office, Career Service, Central Student Advisory Office (ZSb) a.o.) Psychological guidance (PSB) Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic for Students (PAS) Refugees at the University Göttingen Representative for Academic Quality Representative for Students with disabilities or chronic diseases Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons for employees Scholarships Consulting Social Services Department of AStA Start-up support Student Groups and Initiatives (in German) Studentenwerk Göttingen (Counselling in social matters) Studentenwerk Göttingen (dormitories, canteens, socially conscious, student finance a.o.) studIT The Examination Offices of the Faculties University of the Third Age (UDL) (in German) University Sports University Team Employment Agency Göttingen (in German) Writing advice