Erasmus: Study Abroad

The Erasmus Programme´s mission is to assist with the exchange of students and teaching staff throughout Europe. Studying abroad with the Erasmus Programme has a number of advantages. The programme provides organizational and financial supports from the University of Göttingen and its partner universities abroad. Furthermore, the application process is simple and worry-free.
The Erasmus Programme will be beneficial for any student who is planning on spending one or two semesters in one of the following universities abroad. To apply, please submit a motivation letter stating the purpose of your study at the foreign institution and how would it benefit your future studies. Qualified candidates will then be invited to an interview with Professor Luther, who is in charge of the Erasmus mobility in the faculty of Theology. The following Erasmus partners are involved in the exchange of students (S) who have completed three or more semesters and/or teaching staff. (T) Once having been nominated, the student will be guided and assisted by the student assistant in the faculty of Theology in Göttingen throughout the registration procedure at the partner universities.

Nomination Criteria

  1. Study in a discipline of relevance: Diploma in Theology, Study of Evangelical Religion, Religious Studies, Study for Ancient Cultures, as far as with Theology, Values and Norms, Intercultural Theology
  2. Language tests and language competence: English for English-speaking partner universities; German for German-speaking partner universities; national languages might also be necessary, for instance French
  3. Motivation: motivation letter [PDF]
  4. Academic excellence
  5. Professional requirements: study of language as first or second major in combination with the study of Evangelical Theology
  6. Selection principle if there are many candidates: priority will be given to students who can exclusively go abroad through the faculty of Theology (Diploma in Theology and Intercultural Theology); the students who can also go abroad through other faculties in the following and priority order: Study of Evangelical Theology, Religious Studies, Study for Ancient Cultures, Values and Norms. Interdisciplinary study programme Euroculture is exceptional due to the special agreements.
The final admission decision will be based on all of the above information. Note: The application runs exclusively via the mobility portal of Göttingen International. Application deadlines Mid-January for the respectively following Erasmus year. In exceptional cases the application will also be accepted until January 31.

Although the bilateral contracts are normally conducted among the departments of Ecumenical Theology, exchanges can also take place in all areas of Theology since every faculty has its own research focuses. Please click on the flags (or the links on the right) of your favored countries to obtain further information regarding the partner universities as well as the faculties. Here you can also find reports from former Erasmus students, which include lots of useful information for the exchange abroad.
In order to make sure that your studies and academic achievements accomplished abroad will be recognised by the University of Göttingen, please consult with the Student Advisory Service before your exchange semester starts.

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