Erasmus: Study Abroad

The Erasmus program enables the exchange of both students and teachers throughout Europe. A stay abroad with the Erasmus program has many advantages. These include, above all, the uncomplicated application procedure and the organizational and financial support provided by the University of Göttingen and the university in the host country. If you want to study abroad for one or two semesters at one of these locations, you should first find out more via the Göttingen International portal, talk to the program representative of the faculty Prof. Luther before applying and then apply for an exchange place via the mobility portal MoveOn.
Please note that Switzerland does not participate in the EU education program Erasmus+. Switzerland has therefore set up a similar mobility program (SEMP) to the Erasmus+ program. The scholarships for students and staff are paid by the Swiss partner institutions.

The following partnerships include the exchange of students after the intermediate examination (S), in some cases even before the intermediate examination (F), doctoral students (T) and/or teaching staff (D).
After the application via the mobility portal and the nomination by Prof. Luther, the usual registration procedure at the partner university begins.

Important information on funding:
About 40% of the nominated students will receive a scholarship from the Faculty of Theology, the others will be selected by lot. Göttingen International will probably inform you in the summer whether all selected students on the waiting list will receive scholarships.

For the procedures in the Erasmus+ Key Action 131 and SEMP, please see here:


1. Magister Theologiae, Protestant Religion, Religious Studies, Ancient Cultures - as far as theology, Values and Norms, Intercultural Theology.
2. In the case of equal eligibility but too many applicants: as a rule, first those students who can only apply via the Faculty of Theology (Magister Theologiae and Intercultural Theology); then those students who could also apply via another faculty.

Application deadline:
For the following Erasmus year (winter and summer semester) by January 31.

Application for semester abroad:
Note: Applications can only be submitted via the Göttingen International mobility portal.
1. If you would like to spend one or two semesters at a partner university, please submit the following application documents:
1.1 Current certificate of enrollment
1.2 Curriculum vitae in tabular form
1.3 Letter of motivation (you may specify three desired goals)
1.4 FlexStat-Ranking (https://www.uni‐
1.5 Proof of language skills

Important notes on the language certificate:
The required level for the stay abroad in the language of instruction English, French or Italian can be found on the right-hand side of the website of the respective partner university. At the time of application (January 31) to the Faculty of Theology, an English language certificate for the minimum language level B1 or a French language certificate for the minimum language level A2 should already be submitted. As an example, the catalog for all English and French language certificates for language level B1 [PDF] is listed here. For host institutions where neither English, French nor Italian is the language of instruction, a minimum language level A2 must be demonstrated for the corresponding language of instruction. For further information, please follow the link to the ZESS (Central Institution for Languages and Key Qualifications): Language certificates for stays abroad .

2. Those who wish to spend one or two semesters at the University of Lausanne, University of Zurich or University of Geneva must submit the same application documents.
3.Applications for Uppsala University are processed through a central contract. Those who wish to spend one or two semesters in Uppsala must apply directly to Göttingen International.

The Faculty of Theology also participates in the Erasmus Master's program Euroculture. Please note that the exchange at the universities of Bilbao, Udine and Kraków is only possible for Euroculture students.

The use of the relevant documents is explained in the guidelines and checklists [PDF].
All documents required for the implementation of an Erasmus+ Key Action 131 stay with the University of Göttingen can be found here: Forms and procedures .

Criteria for selection:
After checking the admission requirements (proof of enrollment and language skills), the applications are evaluated according to the following criteria with the following weightings:

1. Professional motivation: 40 %
2. Notes from your studies: 30 %
3. Personal motivation: 20 %
4. Financing outline: 10 %

However, an exchange can take place in all areas of theology, as each university has its own focus.
Click on the flag of the desired study location (or on the link on the right) to access the partner universities and the corresponding faculties of the respective countries. You will also find numerous testimonials from former Erasmus students with lots of useful information about your stay abroad.

In order to have study and examination achievements abroad recognized for your home degree course, please contact the Student Advisory Service before studying abroad!

The Learning Agreement with the host university must be discussed with Dr. Schleritt by students on the Mag. Theol. degree program and with Dr. Matthias Schnurrenberger by students on the teaching degree program before uploading it to the mobility portal.

Do you have any questions? Then simply write to us!

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