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English and other international study programmes

Half of our Ph.D. Programmes are fully taught in English as well as an increasing number of Master programmes. Many of the Master programmes offer also a unique opportunity of graduation with a double or a joint degree from leading international Universities.

All programmes benefit from an outstanding research-oriented environment, which is formed by a network including five Max Planck Institutes, the German Primate Center, the German Aerospace Center and the Academy of Science and Humanities: the Göttingen Campus.

Agriculture, Forest and Geosciences
Programme Special characteristic/Affilation Graduate School
Agricultural Economics - JPPAE A joint degree programme with University of Talca/Chile GAUSS, GGG
Environmental Informatics - PEI GAUSS
Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology
Forest and Nature for Society - Fonaso Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme with a consortium of seven universities GAUSS; GGG
Geography GAUSS
Geoscience GAUSS
International PhD Programme for Agricultural Science in Göttingen - IPAG GGG
Molecular Sciences and Biotechnology of Crops and Trees GAUSS
Transformation of Global Agrifood Systems DFG-Research Training Group GGG
Wood Biology and Technology GAUSS

Biology, Chemistry and Medicine
Programme Special characteristic/Affilation Graduate School
Behaviour and Cognition GAUSS
Biological Diversity and Ecology Göttingen Center for Molecular Biosciences GAUSS
Biomolecules: Structure - Function - Dynamics Göttingen Center for Molecular Biosciences GGNB
Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis - CaSuS GAUSS
Leibniz Graduate School for Emerging Infectious Diseases GGNB
Genes and Development Göttingen Center for Molecular Biosciences GGNG
Metal Sites in Biomolecules: Structures, Regulation and Mechanisms (BioMetals) DFG-International Research Training Group with Lund University GAUSS
Microbiology and Biochemistry GGNB
Molecular Biology International Max Planck Research School GGNB
Molecular Medicine GAUSS
Molecular Physiology of the Brain GGNB
Neurosciences International Max Planck Research School GGNB
Sensory and Motor Neurosciences GGNB
Systems Neuroscience Center for System Neuroscience GGNB
Molecular Biology of Cells GGNB

Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics
Programme Special characteristic/Affilation Graduate School
Computer Sciences - PCS GAUSS
Extrasolar Planets and their Host Stars DFG-Research Training Group
Identification in Mathematical Models DFG-Research Training Group GAUSS
Mathematical Sciences GAUSS
Mathematical Structures in Modern Quantum Physics DFG-Research Training Group GAUSS
Physics of Biological and Complex Systems International Max Planck Research School GGNB
Scaling Problems in Statistic DFG-Research Training Group GAUSS, GGG
Solar Systems Sciences International Max Planck Research School GAUSS
Theoretical and Computational Neurosciences Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen GGNB

Economic Sciences and Law
Programme Special characteristic Graduate School
Economic Sciences GGG
Globalization and Development GGG
Public International Law: Human Rights - International Economic and Environmental Law - International Criminal Law GGG

List of Courses Taught in English

The catalogues list all courses taught in English available in both master or bachelor degree programmes.

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